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April 21, 2008
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WEWY by Ryushay WEWY by Ryushay

HELLO THAR~ C: haven't been active for awhile, and I'm very sorry about that

So I'm really just here to drop off this entry for the contest lol

Um so.. BG information of course kthx

Kouren an above average student, who primarily excels in phsyc and biology. She already knows Tempo a bit from before when the game starts. They used to hang out as children up until middle school. She was accepted into a higher ranking one than him. She has an affinity for dogs, and with her powers, she can understand Hayai. Her attacks are limited to the use of sharp edges and team up combos with Hayai. Psyc powers (MIST) causes sleep.

Hayai is the stray that follows her around. Being akita, he’s small, but fierce. Has an accurate sense for Noise, therefore making him a vital team member. While he does not have much power behind his bites, he is quick and relies on agility. Psyc powers (SHADOW) freezes foe temporarily.

Tempo is a bit dramatic and passionate about everything he indulges in, like making a big deal if Lan decides to ditch. Before the game start, his has a great interest for skateboarding. Not the brightest nor the strongest, but has an invaluable sense of timing. He prefers attacking with fists and kicks, while using his skateboard. Psyc powers (ARROW) 3 hits in succession.

Lan/Len is not that emo guy in every trio out there. He just takes things a bit more seriously. Prefers cats over dogs, which ends him up on the end of Hayai’s bites sometimes. With Tempo since middle school. Accelerates in Chemistry/math, everything else is like.. down there lol. Main attack is using his hockey stick to land a few blows, along with the occasional bombs. Gifted with family trait to perform summons. Psyc powers (HOWL) rapid wind that tears an allusion to how cats attack with claws.
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popcorn1010 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009  Student Digital Artist
"All are considering in getting different cell phone service"


I think you should draw humans alot more often c: They're very cuuute~
And you've very creative when it comes to creating outfits :0

/late comment is late
PepsikuraziKamikaze Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
Interesting. Did you purposefully write psyc and phsyc and psycic or were you trying to write psychic and didn't know how to spell it? Just wondering.
bano--kagi Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008
so cute!!!
Darkahses4698 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Retnis Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2008
Is hayai a miniature Akita? Because my friend has an Akita and she is very much not small but the first one she had was kinda small and i believe she said it was because he was a miniature.
Ryushay Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2008
x3 I was going for a (strangely undersized) shiba x3 they're a bit smaller than akitas~ (at least.. they are in my mind? xD)

but. as of right now, I think hayai will play as a shiba C:
Retnis Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008
Oh okay, just wanted to check, did i mention that i think he's adorable?
Zarokin Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008
Lawlz, did you name Lan after what the Chinese name for lion is? :3

I love this. 8D You should make a story or something. And submit it...

mmmyes, don't forget about submitting. |D
Ryushay Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008
xD No, actually~ I'm not sure why I named him Lan- it was like.. the 'spur of the moment' I guess xD

x3 Lion in (mandrian) chinese as far as I know.. sounds abit like this: Shhh-Tzz

(lol, i don't know how romanji works lmao~!)
Zarokin Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008
No wait. I'm getting the words mixed up. I blame spanish class. 8D

Lan is wolf, wasn't it? /headdesks

I need to go take some aspirin...I see numbers wearing sombreros running around in my head and tap-dancing to the Revolutionary Etude by Chopin...which makes no sense whatsoever. |D

LoL, I'm chinese and I can't remember words. :| I feel so disappointed in myself.
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